Change Icon Themes

When Stackitecture launched, we supported the existing AWS icons at the time. We refer to those icons as the AWS.2018 set and they’re (ahem) a bit “classic” at this point. During 2019, AWS introduced a new set of icons – we refer to them as the AWS.2019.Light and AWS.2019.Dark icon sets.

As of release 1.2, Stacktiecture supports the AWS.2019.Light icons (dark icons are coming a future release).

Update your diagram to 2019 icons

  1. Open your existing stackitecture file
  2. Menu > Format > Theme > 2019 Light

alt text

Use AWSGeek Icon Theme

We’ve liked the Visual Explanations for AWS by Jerry Hargove for some time, and when we saw that he made a set of icons, we knew we wanted to include it in Stackitecture.

  1. Open your existing Stackitecture file
  2. Menu > Format > Theme > AWS Geek

alt text

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