Release 1.4.4 - 42 new AWS services added plus bug fixes

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Release 1.4.4 is live with 42 new AWS services plus a few bug fixes.

Included bug fixes:

  • Fixed two app crashes. We’re fairly low on app crashes in general (3 reported over the last year) and then we saw three in one week. Hopefully these are fixed.

New AWS Services added include:

Serverless Application Repository AWS Outpost AWS Backup Server Migration Service AWS Transfer Family AWS AppMesh AWS CloudMap Global Accelerator Cloud9 IDE AWS IQ AWS Support Amazon Managed Blockchain AWS Control Tower AWS License Manager AWS Well-Architected Tool Personal Health Dashboard Kinesis Video Streams Elemental Applicance AWS DeepLens AWS DeepRacer AWS Lake Formation AWS Managed Streaming for Kafka AWS Resource Access Manager AWS Secrets Manager AWS Firewall Manager AWS Security Hub Amazon EventBridge Amazon MQ AWS Cost Explorer AWS Budgets AWS Marketplace Alexa for Business Amazon WorkLink IoT FreeRTOS IoT 1-Click IoT Analytics IoT Device Defender IoT Device Management IoT Events IoT Things Graph IoT SiteWise Elastic Container Registry Elastic Kubernetes Service

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