Release 1.3 - A New Icon theme and 32 New Services

Release 1.3 is live with a new icon theme by @awsgeek, 32 new services in the component library, and a few bug fixes.

New AWSGeek Icon Theme

We’ve liked the Visual Explanations for AWS by Jerry Hargove for some time, and when we saw that he made a set of icons, we knew we wanted to include it in Stackitecture.

alt text

New AWS Services

We also added 32 new services into the component library. These include:

Database Services

  • Aurora
  • Neptune
  • Quantum Ledger Database

Robots & Space Services

  • RoboMaker
  • Ground Station

Migration Services

  • DataSync

Security Services

  • Guard Duty

End User Computing Services

  • AppStream

Compute Services

  • VMware on Cloud

Storage Services

  • FSx
  • FSx on Lustre
  • FSx on Windows

Machine Learning Services

  • Comprehend
  • Forecast
  • Textract
  • Translate
  • Transcribe
  • Personalize
  • SageMaker
  • SageMaker Ground Truth
  • SageMaker Notebook
  • SageMaker Model
  • SageMaker Train

Media Services

  • MediaConnect
  • MediaLive
  • MediaPackage
  • MediaStore
  • MediaTailor
  • Media Services
  • Elastic Transcoder

Networking Services

  • Transit Gateway
  • AWS Transfer for SFTP

Bug Fixes

We had an error with how we handled dark mode that caused some lines to draw as white and look invisible by default. That is now fixed as of this release.

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