Release 1.2 - Now Featuring Icon Themes

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We’re pleased to announce that Stackitecture 1.2 is live in the Mac AppStore! The major feature included in this release is Icon Themes.

What are Icon Themes?

When Stackitecture launched earlier this year, it supported the 2018 icon set that was in use as AWS’s design language. As with any design language, it evolves over time, and we now support the 2019 icon set.

alt text

But we didn’t want to be in a position where it was either 2018 or 2019 (or eventually 2020) as a hard choice for our users. Instead, we always want to place you in the position where you decide how your diagrams look and feel. The concept of an Icon Theme is our answer to that problem.

Now, when you create a Stackitecture diagram, it will default to the most current Icon Theme (as of this writing that would be aws.core.2019). However, you have the option of using the aws.core.2018 theme if you like that design better. In a future release, we may support more themes (a hand drawn looking theme has been requested).

For more information, see how to change your Icon Theme

Happy Stacking!

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