Release 1.1 - Component Search is now live

Stackitecture 1.1 is now live in the Mac App Store! Aside from a few bug fixes, the major feature we’re launching in this version is Component Search.

While Stackitecture has all of the current AWS Services listed in the Component Palette (grouped by their section in the Management Console), finding a specific service is time consuming. One of our key tenants is that everything you do in Stackitecture should be as easy as possible. We want you to spend your time thinking about solving your problem, not thinking about how to work around a tool. While you could manually scroll through each of the 19 sections or the 400-plus components, we knew we could build a better experience based on Search.

Now when you view the Component Palette, you’ll notice there’s a search bar at the top of it. If you type “lambda”, “compute”, or “ec2”, Stackitecture will quickly display only the components that include those phrases (either in the Component or Section name). Partial matching works as well, so you can try “net” to pull in everything that’s likely network related.

alt text

Other Features Included in this Release:

  • Nudging – select an object and use the arrow keys or asdf to move it in small increments

Happy Stacking!

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