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Graphic Architectural Model

Cloud architectures quickly become complicated with the large amount of managed services utilized. Visualizing your architecture saves you time, both in creating your app and when onboarding new employees. Comprehending the visual connections betwene components is quicker than reading a yaml file or searching via a web console.

Stock Component Library

AWS provides a lot of managed services that you can use to create your application. Stackitecture saves you time hunting through slide decks by having all the components available and ready to use. Additionally, we think of them as components, not just graphical objects, so we can provide more in-depth reasoning about your architecture.

Native Integration

Stackitecture was built as a native application from the beginning, so it has deep integration with your normal operation system and user experience. We follow standard conventions so that you don’t spend time learning a special interface, but instead focus your time on your problems.

Maintain Control of your Intellectual Property

All Stackitecture files are saved locally and are not transmitted to anyone else. While we’re on board with cloud services, we felt extremely strongly that you need maintain a chain of custody on your intellectual property.

Web graphical tools struggle with:

  • bad user experience, constantly saving to a local file.
  • or they save it to their servers and you lose that control over your most valuable IP.

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